“The Land of the Free”, Liberia is a country first founded by Black American slaves, is Africa’s oldest Republic, dating back to 1821.

With 16 languages spoken across 15 counties, Africa’s oldest republic debuted on the scene in 1847 as its first independent nation. Due to its history with the US, Liberian’s use the US dollar as a legal tender, as well as their own Liberian dollar.

“Full of natural wonders like its idyllic beaches, washed by some of West Africa’s best surf”

Forbes, The Lonely Planet

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Here are our Top 7 you didn’t know about this beautiful country:

  1. Forbes “The Lonely Planet” ranked Liberia Top 10 Tourism Countries for 2020.
  2. Several surfing beaches can be found in and around Monrovia (the capital), but the costal town of Robertsport has been described as having the greatest undiscovered surf spots in Africa.
  3. The World Health Organisation (WHO) ranked Liberia 10th in having the worlds cleanest cities, coming head of Spain, United States, United Kingdom and Japan.
  4. We were ranked in the Top 100 Most Peaceful country by Global Peace index.
  5. Liberia is among 20 countries on Earth that smoke the fewest cigarette per capita.
  6. The current President of Liberia – H.E. Joseph Boakai was the former Vice President to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who was the first ever female President of Liberia.
  7. It is the country’s ‘Sapo National Park’ that is host to the second-largest area of primary tropical rainforest in West Africa.

Travelling to Liberia

To this day and for years, Liberia have partnered with Brussels Airlines and Royal Air Moroc, and considers it their own. Liberia’s Roberts International Airport has opened their new and modern terminal.

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Things to do

There are a vast amount of things to do and discover in this coastal nation. Discover the magnificent wildlife, world-renowned surf beaches and spectacular sights throughout this picturesque destination.

Here’s to name a few must-see places:

  1. Sapo National Park – contains some of West Africa’s last remaining primary rainforest. Within it, its home to forest elephants, pygmy hippos, chimpanzees, antelopes and other wild.
  2. Liberia National Museum – The museum’s collection was depleted during the war years, but renovations have created space for photo and art exhibitions as well as the ethnic and historical exhibits.
  3. Mount Nimba – Beautiful Mount Nimba is Liberia’s tallest peak, 1362m above sea level, and you can feasibly climb it if you have a few days on your hands (it’s a rewarding way to beat the heat of Monrovia). You can camp along the way.
  4. Hotel Ducor – Originally built by the now-defunct Pan Am Airlines, this former luxury hotel and site of key political meetings is now a decayed yet stunning colonial ruin. It is one of the our most popular tourist attractions.
  5. Cape Palmas Lighthouse – This lighthouse can be climbed for an outstanding panoramic view of the cape.
  6. Firestone Rubber Plantation – This is the world’s largest rubber plantation, which is leased from the government on a 99-year plan. You can view how rubber is processed by asking one of the staff there. Or you can even play a round at the 18-hole golf course.
  7. Monkey Island – This small archipelago is home to chimpanzees that were evacuated from a research lab during the war. Enquire in town about the most up-to-date options for viewing the island and chimps from a canoe.
  8. Waterside Market – Lively Waterside Market offers almost everything for sale, including colourful textiles, shoes, leather goods and pottery.
  9. Fisherman’s point – In a town called Robertsport, experience West Africa’s most underrated surf spot. People come from across the world to experience this hidden gem.
  10. Kpatawee Waterfall – Closest to Gbarnga, this picturesque tourist destination is one of Liberia’s wonders.

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Where to stay

Our country is full of breathtakingly beautiful places to stay. The hotel and resort supply is quickly growing with an increasing number of place offering international standards. Libassa Ecolodge, The Farmington Hotel and Sunset Beach, to name a few, are some of the country’s most stunning places for accommodation.

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