Apply for a new or replacement passport

The Liberia Passport Office under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is authorized to issue Liberian Passports.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs by this mandate is providing applicants with this online passport application service.

To reiterate, the Embassy DO NOT issue Liberian passports. To apply for one, please click the button below.

If you have a Passport Appointment at The Embassy for a New Passport or Renewal Application.

Please bring the following:

1. Physical copy of your old passport or your birth certificate

2. Printed copy of the email confirmation which will contain the details of your booking, your passport sized photo (emailed from on the day of your appointment.



New Application– Instructions

Please note that if you would like to have your passport shipped to the Embassy, you can do so by clicking on New Application at the bottom of and selecting either New Passport or Renewal via the London mission application centre.

When applying for a New Application or Renewal through the Embassy, it is not compulsory to upload a passport photo. You will be asked to select an appointment date for a short interview, during which your biometric and fingerprint will be taken at The Embassy.

Once you have selected your appointment date, you will be directed to a page where you can email your receipt to yourself. Please remember to bring a physical copy of this receipt with you on the day of your appointment and your passport.

On the day of your appointment you will not be allocated a specific time. We kindly ask you to come to the Embassy for your appointment Monday – Thursday between 10am-12pm. You are welcome to bring a pre-paid bag for the return of your passport.

We will inform you when your passport is ready to be collected.


Price: $166 dollars


Passport Renewal Service– Instructions

For a Renewal application using the online Passport Renewal Service, you will not be required to attend an in person interview.

Once your application is approved, one of your contact persons will be requested to pick up your passport from the Passport Office in Monrovia. Your passport will not be shipped to the Embassy when using the Passport Renewal Service.


  1. Passport number and Expiry date
  2. Ensure that you detail two contact persons who are able to pick up your passport from the Passport Office in Liberia.
  3. Upload a passport sized photo (no less than 6 months old)

Your application and information will be sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where they will contact you when your passport is ready to be collected from the Passport Office in Liberia. Upon arrival, the individual picking up will be required to produce a copy of your passport renewal receipt.

Price: $166 dollars


For both new and renewal applications please note your Transaction ID Number in case your application times out. With this ID number you will be able to log back in and resume your application.

It is also important to email your receipt to yourself at the end of your application or screenshot the payment/receipt page so you are able to produce this receipt when attending your appointment or when your contact person is required to present this receipt at the Passport Office in Liberia on your behalf.


Applying for an ECOWAS Passport in Liberia

You are also welcome to travel to Liberia to complete your passport application and pick it up from the Passport Office in Liberia. If this is the case, please click Monrovia as your application processing centre when applying for the Passport Renewal Service or New Application.

Price: $40.00 dollars

For express (3 days processing) it is an extra $50.00 dollars.