Applying for a Mortuary Certificate 


If you are intending to send the repatriation of a deceased individual overseas, you may need a Mortuary Certificate for facilitation.

Please bring the following documents attached below to apply for a Mortuary Certificate at The Embassy of Liberia in London.


Mortuary Certificate requirements:

  1. Certified death certificate
  2. Certificate of hygienic treatment
  3. Embalming certificate
  4. Certified coroners out of England certificate (only applies to applicants who are abroad and are unable to send over a death certificate)
  5. Declaration of content and flight itinerary
  6. Funeral care membership inspection certificate

(5) The funeral membership inspection certificate refers to the verification of the funeral home used, to clarify its membership of the national association of funeral directors.

This will include the company name, address, membership number and date of inspection.


Pick Up

To process your application, please come to the Embassy in person with the original documents and postal order.

You are welcome to come to the Embassy on Monday-Thursday from 10am-12pm.


Mortuary certificate prices:

£50.00 Postal Order (receive in 7 working days)

£75.00 Postal Order (receive same/next day)


If you have any queries or need to apply for a Mortuary Certificate please contact: