London, UK – February 17, 2020: A three-day High-Level Trade and Investment Mission is scheduled for early April in the Liberian capital Monrovia. The trade and investment event targets investors and showcases opportunities in Liberia to survey the country’s economy and identify ownership of enterprises to invest in the growing market economy.

Supported by both the Liberian and UK Governments, the High-Level Trade and Investment Mission will enable invited guests to learn more from government, industry and key actors in the region. Participants will have exposure to a wide-ranging program which will focus on infrastructure, the energy sector, tourism and agriculture, a dispatch from the Liberian Embassy in the UK.

The Weah Administration is seeking an infusion of private foreign investments to regenerate the economy through small and mid-size businesses, create jobs and expand Liberia’s import and export.

The West African country’s diplomatic mission to the Court of St James which is headed by Ambassador Gurly Gibson-Schwarz is leading the effort to attract international private and direct investments to Liberia.

The event will highlight investment opportunities in the telecommunications, renewable energy exploration, manufacturing, mining, agriculture and transportation sectors.
This trade mission will also be accessing investment opportunities for British companies and individuals in the Fisheries, Forestry, Tourism and Oil Exploration sectors in Liberia.

On export, the dispatch noted that “the country has rich deposits of several mineral resources especially iron ore, gold and diamond. Mining is a major revenue raiser contributing about 30% of gross domestic product averaging 68% of foreign exchange earnings. Gold, diamond, iron ore, bauxite are major minerals that exit in Liberia and these minerals are generally exported in raw or semi-processed states to markets in Europe, Asia and United States,” a statement said.

Major attractions being offered to would-be investors at this Trade and Investment Mission include opportunities to develop Liberia’s ecotourism potentials including maritime resources, unexplored beaches, UNESCO Heritage sites, nature reserves of plants and animal species and exploring the great ethnic, cultural and linguistic diversity.

As part of its mechanized agriculture initiative, “…the Government of Liberia, under President Weah, has committed itself to providing an initial amount of USD $1.9 Million towards the Public Sector Investment Project for rice value chain that will target public and private partners, cooperatives and local farmers…”

In highlighting over twenty reasons for investing in Liberia, the Trade and Investment Mission organizers say the government is focused on enhancing national security, revitalization of economic growth, the strengthening of national governance and rule of law and rehabilitation of infrastructure to deliver basic services to people.

The UK Export and Finance (UKEF) firm, which is a credit agency of the British Government, is poised to offer direct loans and full guarantees to companies and individuals interested in doing business in Liberia. “We have 50 million Euros risk appetite for business in Liberia – private sector buyers only,” the UKEF says.

The Liberian Embassy in London is jointly hosting this Trade Mission with the British Ambassador to Liberia H.E David Belgrove in collaboration with the London based organizer, Developing Markets Associates (DMA) investment consultancy firm. “On this Trade Mission, participants will have the opportunity to meet senior figures in the Liberian and British Governments, agencies and industries,” organizers said.

Private investors and individuals are invited to sign up for the High-Level Liberia Trade and Investment Mission slated for April 1 – 3 in Monrovia.

Press Dispatch from the Embassy of Liberia in London, UK